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Default Attn: Would-be new members, registration rules and info!

2013-11-22 UPDATE 2:
Registration is back open. I installed some new anti-spammer software that will hopefully prevent the influx of spammers. If it doesn't work, I will be turning registration back off. As always, a "real name" will be required during registration because spammers like to use "123456", and we are still limiting certain email addresses (mostly stuff from Russia, but gmail is allowed now).

Click here to register!

2013-11-22 UPDATE:
Registration is temporarily closed. Somehow we ended up on some spammer bot list and are getting hammered... more than 100 spam accounts have been created since yesterday. If you are a real person and would like to register, please contact and we will create you an account. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll probably have to leave registrations closed for a while because neither reCAPTCHA nor our home-grown registration questions are preventing the spammers.

2009-02-24 UPDATE: We've upgraded to the most recent vBulletin release, and are now able to re-open normal registrations! If the spammers crack the reCaptcha protection, we'll have to revert to registration by email, but for now, we're back to allowing automatic registrations:

Click here to register!

The below rules will still be in effect when registration is enabled, but we've since completely disabled registrations. Please email us at and we'll manually create you an account. Please include the username you would like in the email and we'll set it up for you using the email address you contacted us from as your contact email address for the forums.

Original Post:

Due to recent heavy spammer attacks, we've had to tighten our registration process.

First, we will no longer accept new members that use GMail or Russian email accounts. Virtually all of the spammers have been using gmail or for their registration emails. However, if you are currently registered under one of these accounts, you will be allowed to keep using it.

Second, all new registrants will have to be authorized by a moderator. If you register and don't get activated right away, please send an email to and let us know your new username and an administrator will activate your account ASAP.

We're sorry we have to enact these sorts of measures, but apparently some people out there think they have a right to waste our time and bandwidth on the off chance that there are still some people out there that don't know how to find out about porn, weight loss, cell phones, and Viagra on the internet without it being forced down their throats.
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