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Originally Posted by rory_a View Post
Sperry - just wanted to let you know seccs is not alone - i-shred got hit hard in the last couple of weeks - nearly 400 new threads, over 1000 new posts, over 1000 new members, all spam. I started reCaptcha on it, using vBulletin 4.0.7. Don't see an email registration confirmation option on mine, but I'm trying to track it down. Frickin ridiculous.

Definitely get your email confirms running. For a while that was what we were using as our best defense... 'cause I went and disallowed gmail, yahoo, and other popular and/or russian email domains. It sucks for people if they can't use gmail to register, but like 80% of the spammers were using gmail accounts.

Right now, on both SECCS and RenoSCCA, I've ditched reCAPTCHA until they improve their algorithm for picking the text. By switching to the challenge questions, we should have decent luck because even the human spammers won't know "any three letter model name for a subaru" or "any SCCA solo class acronym" without looking it up.
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