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50+ offset is going to be very hard to find, but if the 05 is like the WRX, and 04s in terms of clearance, all the way down to a 45 or so should work OK...

Enkei RP03s come in a 17x8 48mm offset, but don't know if they clear the brakes.

The RPF1s will fit, but they are a 17x7.5 ET 48. There is a special order 17x8 ET 45, but I doubt anyone carries them in stock.

I have my guy at where I got my RPF1s checking on availability of other options.

I think it is just going to take the wheel manufacturers a little time to catch up with this new higher offset 5x114.3s. I have some great ones on my A4, but nowhere near the necessary offset.
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