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Default Re: im sorry

If only the HypnoToad was around to enforce civility in the ranks.

Unless I am mistaken, everyone is welcome here as long as they behave, Subaru enthusiast or not, In the Sierras or not....

Warning: This board is populated by smart asses, myself included who will not give you an inch of slack when it comes to good natured jibes. Write any way you want, but be prepared for comments.

That said, it is a pretty good group, and there is a ton of car knowledge as well as misinformation in the heads of members.

I personally have three all wheel drive turbocharged cars and am a club level high performance driving instructor. We have mechanics, national level racers, and people who just like cars but don't even own one..

Many of us participate in Autocross and Road Course performance driving. You and your Porsche friend should come out and join us at Stead on April 17th if not sooner at one of out Thurs. night meets.

Look forward to meeting you.

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