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Default New location...

Bully's at Robb Dr. & Mae Ann was not very crowded tonight at all, parking is good, food is good, service is good, and they have a smaller room that we can have to ourselves.

We talked to the assistant Manager, Jon and he knew about us, and the BS that happened at with the Mall cops... He is going to set us up with the small room every thursday @ 7:30ish. There may be the occasional week where he bumps us to the main room, but should not happen often, and he said he would contact us beforehand.

So, Scott should be changing the first post at some point, but basically we pretty much commited to going there starting this Thursaday.

Unless you are coming from Verdi, Mogul, or points west, directions are as follows...

80 West to Robb Dr. and hang a right. It is in the second strip mall(Raley's) on the right up about 1/2 a mile or so. The first Strip mall is Scolaris, not that one.
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